What is an Irrigation Sprinkler?


An irrigation sprinkler is defined as a mechanism that is utilized on yards, golf courses and farms to supply water to the plants and vegetations in the instances of drought. An irrigation sprinkler may also be utilized in keeping down the amount of dust particles in the air, as a system for cooling and for recreation.

The Types of Irrigation Sprinkler

1. Farm sprinklers - in the year 1950, Stout-Wyss Irrigation System, a firm that is based on Portland, Oregon has developed a rerolling type system of irrigation used specifically for farms has become the most famous type for farmers who irrigate huge fields. Attached with this system are large wheels along with huge pipes with sprinkler heads that move gradually across the farm.

2. Underground sprinklers - this particular type of sprinkler system function through the means of hydraulic and electronic technology. A so called zone will activate the valve as well as the sprinklers.

3. Residential sprinklers - these types of sprinklers differ widely in terms of complexity, cost and size. They include underground sprinkler systems, drip sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers and impact sprinklers. Smaller sprinklers are made available at garden and home stores or even hardware stors for affordable prices. These are usually attacked to a water faucet outdoors and are placed only temporarily. The other sprinkler systems could be installed permanently by a professional in the ground and are permanently attached to the house's plumbing system. The systems that are installed permanently may usually operational on automated processes or timers. They are usually programmed to be operational only on a particular time of the day. Some may be programmed to operate on some other schedule.

The Uses of Irrigation Sprinkler

Majority of sprinklers for irrigation are utilized as a component of a sprinkler system, which consists of a control and piping equipments as well as different plumbing components. The piping is attached to a water source through plumbing fittings. The system for control closes and opens the valves in order to supply water on a regular time interval. The control given differs based on the particular equipment that is used. There are a couple of sprinkler systems that are entirely automated and could even compensate for evaporation, runoff and rain while there are some that need a lot more of user attention for a similar efficacy.

There are some sprinklers systems installed outdoors that are sometimes utilized as a form of protection against homeless people. For instance Los Angeles City has put up a huge overhead sprinkler system located in a downtown park which was programmed in such a way to drench dreaded sleepers at some random times at night. Some businessmen operating locally have copied this strategy in order to drive away homeless people from sidewalks close to their businesses.


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